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Deegan: Crafting a Future with Ramage Building

Journey into Carpentry:
Hi, I’m Deegan and the first apprentice through ‘Ramage Building’. I knew when I graduated school I wanted to learn the value of hard work, both physically and mentally. After looking around, I was drawn to the building industry and an opportunity emerged to work with Kresten and Danielle to embark on an apprenticeship in Carpentry. The initial 12 months presented a steep learning curve, marked by abundant opportunities to learn from my mistakes. As I’ve grown more familiar with the tools and materials, I’ve taken immense pride in some remarkable projects.

Life Beyond the Build:
Outside of work, I really enjoy working on my own building projects, any sort of sport but especially mountain bike riding and spending time with Keeley, my beautiful fiance. I also enjoy giving my time to the church volunteering at a youth group and a bible study. I can’t wait to see where these next few years take me and I am very thankful for this chance to work at Ramage Building.

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